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Radiation Exposure Calculator


Simulates exposing a simulated human to a radiation dosage of your choice. Radiation is assumed to be distributed evenly throughout the absorbing tissue.

Although it should be fairly accurate, this calculator is still for non-safety-critical use only.


Total energy of radiation absorbed:
Type of radiation (used for relative biological effectiveness estimate in ICRP report 103):
Total mass of absorbing tissue:
(If you don't otherwise know, use whole body. World avg.: 70 kg (male), 61 kg (female))


Absorbed dose:
Equivalent dose:

See e.g. XKCD for handy biological effect reference. Some highlights:

Yearly background dose: 0.004 Sv
Various medical procedures: 0.000005–0.007 Sv
Clear increase in cancer risk
(if received over one year):
0.100 Sv
Radiation poisoning (onset)
(if received over short time):
0.400 Sv
Radiation poisoning (severe)
(if received over short time):
2.000 Sv
Radiation poisoning (usually fatal, even with
treatment) (if received over short time):
4.000 Sv