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Space Calculators is primarily developed by Ian Mallett, a Computer Science Ph.D student with an additional background in Physics and Math.

All calculators are validated against real-world data when available, sanity-checked when not. However, radiation burns, rocket crashes, etc. stemming from e.g. misuse of (or errors in) these resources are not my responsibility. In-particular, these calculators are for non-safety-critical use (and you are reminded of this on particularly dangerous calculators).

Some calculators are adapted/improved from third-party sources. These are credited on those pages.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions for new calculators, or if you'd like to help! You can also 


All material here it licensed under the free CC BY-SA license (which means basically that everything is free, with proper attribution). However, it would be courteous to send improvements, fixes, feature requests, etc. to me instead of making derivatives, so that the changes can help everybody.